Monday, January 19, 2009

November 17, 2007:

Because it is only proper, there will be some long notes for this one.
This video was originally created by TV2Guy (my first YouTube Channel.)
It's probably the most rewarding video I've ever put together, regardless of YouTube's Copyright Violation it earned.
The ShortbusNormal version now, today, has different music attached to it.
This video, appearing on THIS blog, still stands at YouTube..the Original.


Anyone who loses someone they love. This video is for you.


I've been gratified, and happy, knowing that this video, among the hundreds I've uploaded, is still the most popular, the most viewed, and the most "clicked."

Here, in a Eulogy I gave on 09/24/2005, lie the origins of "Hold On...":


"A few days ago, my Sister, B, asked me if I'd like to say a few words for our Mother.
I told her I'd be happy to do so; and, then thought to myself: What an honor this is, to be able to stand before family & friends, young & old, and share with you all, what a very special person our Mother was.

"Many of you here today have stories, remembrances, and instances, wherein Dorothy had touched your life in ways big & small...but, always, with a huge heart attached. Whether in times of laughter, or times of tears, you could always count on her to be completely present:

"For a hug, a kind word, story of her bring a chuckle..if the chips were down. She was just that kind of person; a person of kindness, who managed, even in the thick of her own illnesses, to carry herself with a grace & dignity few but the Saints could only muster.

"There was Strength in this. Whatever strengths I have, were seemingly passed down to me from my Mother. I'm sure my Sister, B & my Brother J, could tell you the same as I.

"Our Mother lead an exemplary life. You could count on her. She would talk to anyone~~Complete strangers, in the Supermarket!~~and, not just talk, but listen.

"As a Child, I'd stand, stupefied, holding her hand in mine, as some total stranger, (who "kinda" resembled my Mom, but was definitely NOT a relative) unburdened her life story, with all the particulars. I'd gaze up at my Mother, and there she'd be, listening; intently, listening. And, nodding her head in all the right places. The thing is:

"My mom, Our Mom, everyone Mom for today, really WAS paying attention; really was listening. Like I said, she was just that kind of person.

"My Father & Mother recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. All of the family gathered for a party. It was not soon after that, she'd gone into St Francis Hospital, for her last stay....

"....When Dorothy passed away, she looked beautiful. She was no longer suffering. She looked peaceful, angelic. We know she is with the Lord, in Heaven, surrounded by the people who have loved her, and have missed do we all, today.

"In conclusion, I'd like to paraphrase some lyrics by Phil Collins, written while he was in the band, Genesis:

"We'll hold onto our hearts, because she'll always be there."


~x~shortbusnormal/tv2guy/Billy B.